Understanding Shutter Speed on Photography for Beginner

What is definition of Shutter Speed in Camera?

Photography Tips. Walking through Photography world must understand by standard Exposure knowledge or basic, especially for triangle exposure. One them is Shutter Speed, so what is Shutter Speed? and how does it work?

Based on definition, Shutter speed is the duration of censor exposing, simply explain as the duration of your censor window to record the image. It look like the water tap opening time, you will get more water for more duration but in case of photography, you will get more light for more duration.

Nowadays camera is able to work in 1/200 second until 1/2000 second daylight condition. What does it means? It means your camera censor window just open in very short time, 0.005 seconds. as the part of triangle exposure ,The duration effect on your photo brightness but it also effect on freezing photo moment. Normally People natural frequencies longer then 1/30 second so you must set your shutter time less than it.

Understanding Shutter Speed on Photography for Beginner

Taking a little bit Explanation for Shutter Speed
  1. Very simple tips for human photography genre, such as model and human interest, the slowest shutter speed should be set at 1/60 seconds.
  2. Shutter Speed 1 STOP are represented by this Number 8, 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and similar with the other Exposure, you need to move your camera Gear three steeps to change it one STOP.
  3. Normal human photographer are able to hold camera freezing moment shorter than 1/50 second by holding your breaths also. Tripod is required for longer than 1/15 seconds shutter speed time. Tripod really help you in Natural and Landscape Photography.
  4. Bulb Time means manual Shutter Speed duration that your shutter speed duration depend on how long you hold the Shutter Button and you should need shutter release. Bulb Mode is very famous on Long Exposure and Slow Speed Photographing.