Understanding ISO Concept in Photography for Beginner

Understanding ISO Concept in Photography for Beginner

Photography Tips. Base on the definition, ISO means the censor of light sensitivity. Its sensitivity sign by large number, large number represent a high sensitivity. ISO (ASA for thin film) is quantity of censor responding light and represented by International Standard organization number for every STOP. It is sometime explained as the censor power to record a picture.

Increasing ISO number means increasing the censor sensitivity or adding exposure., low ISO setting is used in abundant light source such morning and long exposure photo and high ISO setting is used for low light condition such as photographing in the night or indoor.

1 STOP step in ISO number represented by Logarithmic number which start by 100, 200, 400,800,1600 and soon. Adding ISO makes your picture brighter but also increase censor noisy or grainy picture, so that the most popular ISO are 100, 200, and 400. ISO STOP Step is not only multiple by 1 STOP, but also able to regulate in 1/3 stop. every single moves of gear on your camera will change 1/3 ISO STOP, so it takes 3 moves for 1 STOP ISO changing.

Understanding LOW ISO Concept in Photography for Beginner

More Tips for ISO usage

  1. Low cost Camera (DSLR or Pocket Series) sometime present high ISO but it is not effective to use. Most of the only use effectively in less then 400 ISO.
  2. 400 ISO is often used at downy and sunrise time (6-7 am and 5-6 pm in equator), 200 ISO is used day time at indoor and 100 ISO for Outdoor. Several high price camera may provide 50 ISO and it helpful for long exposure Photographing.
  3. Most of nightlight photographing and Milky Way photographing use high ISO. ISO is set more than 800 ISO for (f/2.0 or bigger) and actually does not effective for low price camera because your photo is really noisy so that you cant make any different between the star and the noisy. 
  4. Auto ISO mode some time does not help you much, you need to set it ISO Auto Mode less then 400 for denying a probability of grainy pciture