The Best Natural Silhouette Photography

The Most Wonderful Natural Silhouette Photography 

Dzargon Photo. Silhouette is the effect produced in photography because of the significant differences between the light reflection at the front of the main object with the background image. To produce a silhouette, the light from the rear of the object to be very bright and then arrested by measuring luminosity background light. Silhouette can also be produced with the main objects blocking the light reflected selectively. Silhouette is a photo with the main object of total darkness with a bright background, so that visible is the shape of the main object earlier. Photographing silhouette is not as difficult as imagined, as long as you know the steps and his tips. 

 Standing Out Natural Silhouette Photography

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Menjala Ikan,- The tradition of catching fish in Kluet Tengah not be in one place but there are two places that Lawei restless and Lawei Ngamat, in doing Lawei restless traditions for catching fish are allowed because the river is very wide and so deep, to catch fish in the river are small "Lawei ngamat ", which is a small tributary in central Kluet area there is a river that flows along the central Kluet area, in contrast to Lawei restless. But in a certain time may conduct a forbidden thing mentioned above, especially in Lawei Ngamat, according to the command keuchik kampong, not in the sense of a village, but entire villages in Kluet Tengah states may catch fish, poison, and drugging and so on.

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African elephants (Loxodonta Africana), can weigh up to 6,000 kg (6.6 tons) and measuring up to 3.3 m. Because of his size, the African elephant has been named as the world's largest land mammal. In addition to its large size, members of other bodies such as the proboscis, ivory, and ears are also quite large, larger than the elephant species found in Asia. The body of the elephant most typical is the proboscis. Elephant trunk is a part of the body that is very useful for the elephants. Elephants use their trunks to smell, breathe, detect vibrations, caressing their children, suck water, and grasping objects. Their rod tip consists of two opposing extensions, which allows it to be used as a hand in humans.

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Pinisi actually a sail name and generally have two main masts and seven sails, three on the front end, two in front and two behind. Phinisi ship usually used as ship goods transportation between islands. Two mast of the ship Phinisi meaning that symbolize two sentences syhadat and to symbolize the seven sails Phinisi paragraph of the letter Al-Fatihah. Pinisi is a sailing ship that uses this type of display schooner with two main poles and seven sails also have a meaning that the ancestors of Indonesia able to navigate the seven major oceans of the world.