Simple Understanding of Camera Exposure for Beginner

Simple Understanding of Camera Exposure for Beginner

Photography Tutorials. Auto mode is often used by anyone who just have DSLR camera or Pocket Camera to photograph anything. Its mode helps beginner photographer to make a normal photo without calculating anything but your creativity will be limited by this mode. A good photo does not must be in normal exposure, several photo concept might better in under exposure (darker) or over exposure condition.

For anyone who wanna improve their skills in photography should start to learn the photography basic rules of Exposure. The Concept of Exposure is really important for your photo than just improve your sens of composition but both are important for photographing world or just a hobby.

Bryan Peterson in his book explain Exposure simply than using a physical function and mathematics explanation that make photography world scarier than your basic lecture in university. Peterson illustrates the exposure as a triangle aspect which are connected one to each other by the amount of light passing your lens (exposure). Those three elements are:
  1. ISO - The sensitivity of your censor to light 
  2. Aperture - The opening gate size when the lens and camera takes a picture
  3. Shutter Speed - Time delay of censor windows opening when the Censor is exposed
The interaction between three of these are called exposure. Any changes of those three exposure part will effect to your photo brightness. As a consequence to produce a normal exposure photo, you should change the other exposure part.

For Further information read also : 
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Simple Understanding of Camera Exposure for Beginner Photographer

Simple Analogy for triangle Exposure

Analogy is the best way to understand Exposure concept without calculating much. In this case, exposure of light is analog to water flowing debt.
  • Shutter Speed means duration of opening water tap.
  • Aperture means the tap water size number
  • ISO means the origin water power by the machine
Those are not perfect, but it make it easier. The idea of this analog is "how to get a bucket of water". When the machine power does not enough power you should add time duration and waits until the bucket full. It is vice versa for all of the exposure, you just need a bucket of water, nothing less and nothing more.