5 Simple Tips on Photographing Models for Beginner

5 Simple Tips on Photographing Models for Beginner

Dzargon Photo. Modelling Photography has been widely popular on photography genre. Every one event begin his photography hobby by taking this genre and as their model, a Friend is the best and cheapest model ever. Model Photography is not hard as professional explanation but it just need a simple to make your photo look like professional. How to photographing a model for beginner? Here some tips from dzargon photo.


The first tips is learning composition. Any genre of photography need must be compose by a good composition. You may here hundreds photo composition but the best composition for beginner are "rule of three". Its rules divide your 2 dimensional area of your photo into nine equal areas or three time three area (that is the reason why it is called "rule of three'). Most of perfect portrait and model photo put their object in a third area of their photo. The object should be something interest or point of interest of your photo. Interaction between the object an imagine line will attract people to see the point however this tips also be the spirit of line composition that guides the people to the POI.

5 Simple Tips on Photographing Models for Beginner model photography

Empowering with Background

The difference between professional and amateur photographer are not detail to set everything. Amateur photographer just think about what kind of camera and lens that they have but the professional thing about what should make their photo perfect with their gear. one of the simple thing is background. Simple element must suitable with your model, may be base on color or theme. Soft color dress may be suit with soft tone color of nature and retro and contrast color may suit with cafe and automotive themes. Learn more how tow matching a background by learning color sense.

5 Simple Tips on Photographing Models for Beginner women in nature

Playing white balance

Normal photo must have normal white balance but in different for art. There is no limit in art, different setting sometime produce a different beauty. Increase a several light intensity such yellow on day or purple for sad mood may be touch your photo different. Do not be afraid of false color, just try and combine every color until you get a perfect color best on your own.

Do Not Ask for a Smile

Sometimes we need for smile mood but the model does not perform, most of beginner will directly ask for a smile and they will dis-pointed for a fake smile. A photographer must have a sens of everything such fun, angry, sad etc. When you want a smile, a photographer should performs something fun such a simple joke so the model smile by it own. This smile is better than a fake smile.