3 Tips for Newbie and Beginner Photographer

These are Starting Up Tips in Photography

Dzargon Photo. Learning Photography may become the most interesting hobby that you cant include to others hobby such fishing, adventuring, etc. Taking a moment into a picture required a good skill and knowledge especially for basic principles in Photography. But before you start to learn more about those techniques, it is better for you to start it by these tips:

1. Do not buy an Expensive Camera First

Expensive camera is a guarantee of a quality and camera performers but it does not really need by a beginner photographer. Based on Experience, the main problem of he beginner photographer is not form the stuff but by their experience to shoot. It better to start it buy low-end camera and try to shoot every object closest to you. The first idea just takes everything and fill what your good photo is. After all of your low-end camera function limited your creativity than moves to the middle-end camera. This is the best way to tech you that photography is not only about tools but also a sense.

3 Tips for Newbie and Beginner Photographer camera choosing guiding

2. Looking for references

As my Explanation, Photography are combination both tools and knowledge so after you have a camera, you should look for references. Nowadays, information are shared faster then light speed. You may learn from the book form library or book store or just searching in any website. You tube also help you to learn photography not only by words but by a good tutorials in motion picture, so do not forget to look for information.

3. Asking for Advise from Professional, expert or experienced person.

After taking much photo, do not store your photo into secret room and no body know its. Try to share and publish, may be by facebook, share it, Gplus or all social media so people can give a feed back. It will be better for you having some experienced photographer, expert or Professional as friends. Do not be shy, Just at add them as your friend and wait for a confirm. Ask the to correct your photo and learn how do they made their photo. Do not just copy them, Improved event your photo are worse but it will be your stile in the future..