Faceless Conceptual Art Photography

Faceless Conceptual Art Photography

Dzargonphoto. Modelling photography art concept is design to shown the model expression. The expression of happy, fun, sad, confusion, angry, struggle will be presented by the model on their act. This way face be the main factor that represented what the photographer wanna talking about.

Faceless photography may disturb the expression of model. It will be hard to find what the model fill without showing their face in their photo, but some photo concept could shown a lot of emotion without showing any face or faceless conceptual art photography.

Black and white Conceptual Art Photography

This photo perfectly has no face but it could shown a sad filling of the model. The key of this photo is in body and gesture or mode pose. But some in term of black and white photo, range of colour also support photo filling. 

The other fact that makes this photo moody is the model hair. Simply model hair shown resigned expression of model. It may assumes that sad people may resigned. So, once again model gesture help the photographer express their filling in photo. There are so many pose that shown sad such pose of prop chin, bowing, and so on.

Girls Conceptual Art Photography

great pose of showing sadness

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