Some Tips To Take Milky Way Photo For Beginner

Some Tips To Take Milky Way Photo For Beginner 

Dzargonphoto. Milky ways is sky object of photography that is wonder to take in to your camera but low light condition and light pollutions are disturbing your picture. Some people especially for amateur sometimes get frustrated when they failed to take milky way photo. I will share some tips for improve your Milky photos or simple tutorial to take a milky picture.

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Milky Way Photos by Michael Shainblum

Some important conditions and notes may include in taking milky photo. Perhaps some beginner photographer thought about milky way photography is hard and expensive but I swear that just about the procedures. This article are designed to help you recognize the easy way to shoot this photos.

The first thing that you have to have it is internet connection and print screen,... oh Come on, is it easy? (just ignore this shit words)

Basic Gear,- The first thing that you have to have it before you shoot a picture is camera. In milky photography needs long exposure photo setting. It means that you need at least exposure triangle camera settable type (DLSR Camera or Mirrorless Camera), tripod and GPS or stars position map software (except you are a great astronom that able to know the position of star).

Lens,- General fact that we can not deny is every lens are designed for certain object. Milky photography need a wide lens. For crop-factor camera is needed 18 mm of lens or less and full frame camera at least 24 mm of lens. All lens must have aperture minimum value about f/2.8. As wide your lens as clear your image.

Exposure Triangle Recipe Ideas,- Actually, we simply know that all exposure factor may suitable between each other if we found low light condition but in in this case do not ever try to take a picture more than 16 seconds. The Star in the Galaxy are moving time by time over there. The most common exposure triangle recipe is ISO 3200, f/2.8 and 16 second. You may changes this setting but be aware to shoot time, the star is moving every second but in small distances respect from the earth. 

GPS or Star Tracking Software,- Taking a picture is taking composition of object and its background. The biggest problem in milky way photography the position of your object is change every time and it has a different position depend on the location. In the dark night sky sometimes we only see several bright star, especially for 1 magnitude star but the others are not . GPS and Star tracking software will help you to find your milky way and help you to track those galaxy movement on your location sky.

Clear Night Condition,- Widely know that photography is a techniques to painting the light source. However the light does not only come from star, there ar a moon, airplane, and fire work or just a batman icon light. Star light is very low intensity we have to make sure the condition around your camera in the dark. The best place to take a milky way is on top mountain, human less dessert or all place that has no human activity that may disturb you by their light.

Foreground Object,- This is the greatest note from Muhammad Rafiuddin to me, Shoot a milky look like nothing if there is no foreground object. Try to combine foreground object and star composition will make your photo great.

Tutorial for milky composition
My View of this picture
Photo Editor Software,-  It hard to say that milky photo is fresh from the oven photo, without developing and editing process. Even Though this is still possible to do but photo editor software help you to reduce over exposure at the foreground objects and develops any under exposure at the  sky objects.

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by Gavin Hardcastle