Hutan Pinus Imogori, Bantul

Hutan Pinus Imogori, Bantul

Dzargonphoto. Hutan Pinus Imogiri is a homogen pinus forest in Kabupaten Bantul Imogiri. There are very high density pinus population in Imogiri that gave me idea to took a picture over exposure mode. Just like the second pictures in this article was black and white picture and selecting color over contrast idea. all of yellow range color has been turn into over exposure condition. Finally, I got snow fill in my picture. As a note, i took this picture in Indonesia that has Tropical iclim so it must be something impossible to find snow here.

High Contrast Black and White Photo

Black and White HK photo
Snow White

Foto hutan pinus di Imogiri
Rise the Sky
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Imogiri's Winter

Great photo concept in Imogiri
Winter in Imogiri

Black and white natural landscape photo
Assassin Creed
It was my photo. Actually i had no property except what I brought at that time. The Slipper is really annoy picture composition but over all i love my picture. (Narsis mode: on)

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