Jenifer Tungka in Red Japanese Traditional Kimono

Jenifer Tungka in Red Japanese Traditional Kimono

Dzargonphoto. These were my photo at Lemak 1st anniversary. This photo location was in Fort Rotterdam, South Sulawesi. In this event Lemak or widely know as Lensa Manual Makassar (Analog lens user community) proudly presented Jennifer Tungka and Yesenia Green. 

Photo concept for Jennifer Tungka was Great and wonderful concept. It was Japanese traditional kimono. Jennifer was really beautiful at that time with red dress kimono and additional mood from traditional Japanese Umbrella. 

I have no idea about my photos, but these were taken by Ziuko f/1.4 manual lens in Canon 1100 D body. This was my first time taking women portrait with analog lens, so there were a lot negative value on my photo, but i hope you can enjoy it. 

Model Cantik asal Makassar Jennifer Tungka Kimono

Komunitas Lensa Manual Makassar

Jennifer Tungka in red dress

Jennifer Tungka foto model

Red short kimono dress for women

Makassar photography

Jennifer Tungka di Makassar

Konsep foto model tradisional

Konsep foto model mood
Jenifer Tungka as Makassar Model in Action of Traditional Japanese Kimono