Camera Review: Camera Sony Alpha QX1

Camera Review: Camera Sony Alpha QX1

Dark Photography. Reviews of new cameras made ​​by Sony. This time we will discuss about Alpha camera review ILCE-QX1. This unique camera is Sony's new development the QX Series camera range, which we knew before Sony never released Sony and Sony QX100 QX10. This time Sony re-released similar cameras using the Sony Alpha QX1 name. This camera is a camera that is unique because it is intentionally created for the Sony Xperia smartphone users who want to improve the quality of the shots on his cell phone camera. In this case the camera is used as monitor live view. But without using the camera screen smart phone can also be used only users can not see the subject. 

Sony Alpha QX1 been using advanced technology that supports users to produce high quality images. In this case, the Sony Alpha QX1 adopt the APS-C sensor technology and adopting the advantage E-Mount lenses which can be seen on top of the Sony digital camera class. Thus it can be said QX1 Alpha camera can be combined with all NEX cameras and lenses A7-series lenses. With the sophistication of existing smartphone then certainly you will produce brilliant images with high quality like a DSLR camera and mirrorless cameras. 

If you imagine QX100 as its predecessor a year ago, probably somewhat similar. However, generally speaking the larger the sensor used in QX1, besides there are also pop-up flash on QX1 not owned by QX100. Aside from the above items are physically QX1 predecessor seemed not too much difference. The design is relatively similar in outline, among others, there is the shutter button, power, and a small LCD tripot socket. In addition to the storage medium also contained a microSDHC slot, and there is also a micro USB port for charging power and also to transfer the data. 

Review Camera Sony Alpha QX1 Price and Full Specifications 

To use the camera with a smartphone or tablet is not difficult even seem very easy. Users just download the free app Sony Play Memories Mobile (for iOS and Android users), while Windows Phone users do not need. Once the application is installed user only via NFC pairing (android and iPhone 6) or through Wi-Fi Direct. Pairing process only takes a few seconds only, do not have to wait for a long time. Once the devices are installed, users can use the phone screen as a live view during use and during kkedua devices connected to each other. 

What's interesting is the camera QX1 you are given the freedom to shoot in a wide range of viewpoints, even Sony also gave the two add-on hand grip for holder so that the camera can be used to take pictures with a viewpoint that is impossible by other cameras. And one more add-on grip with a hinge so that users can pose facing camera selfie different angles and other purposes. As previously described with this camera users are given the freedom to create any difficult angles can be done. Users can do a shot without the camera attached to a mobile phone, even users through testing can operate the camera from a distance of 50 meters. So it is definitely an amazing image can be obtained from a variety of angles impossible for other high-profile camera. 

Price to get a Sony Alpha camera QX1 quite cheap and affordable when compared to what you can from this magical camera. Price offered is only $ 398, or about Rp. Only 4.8 million USD for the current rate. But with this magic camera you will be a pro photographer in an instant. For more details about the specs and features you can see below.