World Black and White Photography Man

World Black and White Photography Man Black and white photography may become the oldest genre of photography in the world. The story of Black and photography has been started by Analog camera at the first time photography found. Thin film as the medium of image is only record the image in gradation of black to white. so talking about photo history means talking about black and white photo.

Today, In modern age of photography, Color photo is produced by every camera types; Handphone, Tablet, Pocket Camera and the monster of camera: Digital single Reflection camera. The development of Color photo does not erase black and white photo clearly. The ultimate Black and white photography still have a place for anyone who loves photography. Black and white photo not only look elegant but also lookk so moody and bring more imagination and explanation about the photo story.

Photography genre also have the ultimate man who have great name in the world. They work consistently to produce wonderful picture just in gradation of black to white color. Who are they? 

Hengky Koentjoro

Indonesian Black and white photographer, known well as the monochrome man. He graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography,  California. Hengky Koentjoro took Video Production and also interested to photography fine art. He is the one who makes me love black and white photography especially for landscape photography. He also won a lot of International Award. He won the first winner for Hassalblad master in 2014. His photo always show something different about nature, simple object, Hengky’s photo just need simple photo such as coconut tree, a line ob beach, or sometimes just a line on the beach. 

Hengky Koentjoro

Small Point of View Photography

Amazing black white photo

Hengky Koentjoro

monochrome man photo

natural landscape photography

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is an American photographer who found zone area (read more about Zone area: click here) in Photography. Zone area has been a great theory that had been inspiring black and white photography to edit a photo base and gradation of light in monochrome tone.  He divide the rang of black to white in nine areas. 

He is not only famous with his zone area but also famous with his outstanding landscape photo. Almost of his photos are dedicated to American country Especially for American Culture  and Nature. She also work for Social foundation which work for American green community.  His Popularity become bigger after he make f/64 photographer community.

Natural landscape photography of ansel adams

American Black and white Photography