Camera Review: Sony Mirrorless Alpha 7

Camera Review: Sony Mirrorless Alpha 7 Sony as a top class camera manufacturer has announced a full frame mirrorless camera with Sony Alpha 7S name. This sophisticated camera is designed and developed with the ability to balance between stills and video. Camera with a 12 megapixel sensor has the ability to read the sensor at high speed for 8-bit output 04:02:02 4K video via HDMI to 30p without require line skipping and pixel binning. 

With the amazing capabilities it can be ascertained that the camera is capable of delivering high quality video to produce 1080 / 60p and can record internally. This distinguishes the Sony a7 and a7R, Sony Alpha 7S is not limited by the AVCHD standard, but it actually offers XAVC S system with a bit rate up to 50Mbps. 

The following are some of the advanced technology offered by Sony in Sony Alpha 7S to pamper you operate the camera to produce images and video recording with high quality. 


Latest Sony Alpha camera 7S has undergone a lot of development is very significant. A 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor as high as 12.2 megapixel full frame crammed into a small mirrorless camera to help produce high-quality images and videos. This is combined with the BIONZ image processor X with high speed capability and is able to produce images that is maximally with the ability to shoot up to the sensitivity range of ISO 50 to 409 600, it is indicated like never before on other cameras with high dynamic range capability, but with the noise level very low. 

Another thing also make Sony's latest camera to be the first in terms of the ability to utilize the entire width of a full-frame sensor acquires 4K video. Advanced capabilities that make Alpha 7S capable of recording 4K video without cutting or without line-skipping, because this camera has the ability to read and process the data at each sensor pixel. Thus the camera can shoot 4K video utilizing artistic and creative features that exist in this unique full frame sensor. 

Wide ISO Range and Range Dynamic impressive 

Sony is unquestionable in terms of image sensors considering Sony is a major manufacturer in this case. With a 12.2 megapixel sensor and an amazing sensitivity provide extraordinary capabilities ability, allowing Alpha 7S gather more light than other cameras, as well as have the ability to produce good pictures with high detail, produce low-noise images even in lighting conditions that low though. 

In addition to the above, this camera has been equipped with new features that technology-on sensors that enable it to optimize the dynamic range of the overall harness sensitivity range of ISO 50 to 409 600. On-sensor technology also expands the range of tonal gradation in bright environments and minimize noise in dark environments, thus allowing the camera to deliver very impressive results even in extreme conditions. 

Full Pixel Read-out (without pixel binning) 

Utilizing the reading speed 35mm full-frame sensor and combined with the high speed of data processing higher the BIONZ image processor X, will add significant capabilities in improving video quality significantly. Merging the two components is very strong in the data processing of the entire pixel sensor and output HD and 4K video (3840x2160p qFHD). Besides for shooting in low light, the ability to read from all pixels will release a video of aliasing, moire and false color effect artifacts (opposed to pixel binning) so that the highest video quality can be achieved. 

Gain low-light shooting 
High ISO sensitivity range of the camera Sony Alpha 7S very good at efektifkan for shoot images especially in low light conditions. In this case the camera can do the shooting at high speed but was able to keep the noise as low as possible. This of course can be used for indoor shooting, sporting event or other situations where other camera struggled to do so. 

The camera is also equipped with Intelligent Fast high-precision AF system as promoted by Sony a7R. With this technology the camera can improve drastically AF sensitivity in low light up to -4EV.