Camera Review: Sony Alpha A5100 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha A5100 Mirrorless Camera In this opportunity we will share information about Mirrorless Camera Review aka make Sony Alpha a5100. When the introduction of Sony's a5100, Sony officially left the brand name which usually begins NEX mirrorless camera name in the previous series. Like for example A5100 is a new generation of camera NEX-5 series are a notch above A5000 called NEX-3 NEX while still using the name. But there is still a notch below the A6000 or NEX6 / 7 at that time. 

Sony A5100 is the result of a merger between a compact camera and NEX NEX-3N-5T trying to be a top notch camera that Sony alpha A6000. With so means A5100 is a specification which is approximately about the same in several major components. It can be seen from the 24-megapixel CMOS sensor that it has, use Bionz processor-X, On-chip Phase detection that covers 92% of the frames and the adoption of Wi-Fi with NFC. 
Both of those cameras have an LCD screen that can be tilted equally. For A5100 tilt up to 180 degrees up, you guessed it can function to berselfie. While the A6000 can be tilted up 90 degrees and down to 45 degrees. 

Both of those cameras has superior full HD video recording 1080 / 60p, but the A5100 has XAVC S video codec support, this allows the camera to the bit level of 50Mbps. Thus the camera also has the ability to record video in 720p with higher resolution. 

However, although most of the specifications between A5100 and A6000 is the same, but each camera targeted at different users. This can be seen from the EVF, hot shoe, and additional physical controls on the A6000 which is not found in A5100, A6000, in other words more than the camera for enthusiast ILC. While on the A5100 only has additional control buttons on the back of the camera which showed that A5100 is a camera that is targeted for new or entry level users. 

The few things that differentiate between A5100 with the NEX-5T is a sensor used is 24 megapixels as A6000, while the NEX-5T only 16 megapixels. In addition, the use of X Bionz processor, phase detection AF area wider and better video quality becomes a major differentiator between the A5100 and the NEX-5T. physically visible once other differentiator is the A5100 is equipped with a built-in flash, while its predecessor was still using the external flash. 

Significant improvement has been made ​​in building the Sony A5100 is the hybrid autofocus system. Despite the 25 point detection part of the system remains the same as the NEX-5T, but the number of point phase detection has been increased from 99 into 179 This provides a wider coverage area of ​​up to 92% of the frame when compared to 50% in the NEX-5T. The benefits that can be drawn from a wider coverage is the phase detection autofocus can perform tracking moving subjects better. 

Similarly Mirrorless Camera Review Sony A5100 that we can deliver to you as an idea to choose a camera that suits your needs. For the price of Sony A5100 is offered at a price of $ 699 with kit lens and $ 549 body only. For more sony camera price silahka visit List Price Latest Sony Camera.