Camera Review: Nikon D3300

Camera Review: Nikon D3300 Finally Nikon DSLR camera released, Its latest entry-level Nikon D3300, which replaces its predecessor the Nikon D3200 camera that was released in 2012. Equipped with a new CMOS sensor at 24.2 megapixels with no optical low-pass filter, and crammed with EXPEED image processor 4 qualified. ISO range of the D3300 camera has now reached 25,600, while for continuous shooting up to 5fps D3300 has improved. Video recording capability also increases the ability to record Full HD 1080 / 60p. Advanced entry-level camera is also given additional kit lens AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm VR II G F3.5-5.6. The advantages of this new lens is 30% smaller and 20% lighter when compared with the existing 18-55 mm lens. These lenses will be provided for the lens kit or sold separately. There was also a new addition to the D3300 lens, the AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f / 1.8G is available to complement this new camera. 

Based on information from the director of marketing and planning Nikon Inc., Masahiro Horie, with a 24.2-megapixel sensor and a new lens additional 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6G Nikon VR II is an attempt to produce images with clarity and high quality as desired by the photographer. And a new lens AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f / 1.8G mentioned above is Nikon's efforts and commitment to providing a flexible prime lens for the photographer on many levels. 

Extraordinary scenario has been designed and produced to capture the highest quality images and images rich in detail. All that can be found on the D3300 camera which has brought high-resolution CMOS sensor with 24.2 megapixels which can be certainly able to capture incredible images, and even has been designed to resist low light conditions though. Sensors are high in the absence of an optical low pass filter or OLPF expected and certainly will increase the resolution and sharpness of the image to the maximum. Addition EXPPED 4 image processor which will also help create a new image with the real color and precision detail was perfect. Additionally EXPEED 4 offers improved image quality at high ISO, the speed of the shot increases processing and affect the efficiency of the battery, as well as improve the performance of auto white balance. 

The Nikon D3300 is a camera that is designed to work at high speed, this means that users can easily take pictures that are usually difficult as sports scenes with rapid movement and scenes in low light conditions. 100-12800 ISO range has been increased up to 25,600 will greatly affect the image quality is also higher, as well as with the 11-point autofocus system that works quickly to capture images in a very short moment though. Nikon camera called the latest HD-SLR also provides fast performance at up to 5 fps continuous shooting is a good thing of course to capture the moment that moves at high speed when the game such as football or other sports moving fast. 

As the new SLR camera HD-enriched with a variety of interesting features, the Nikon D3300 is ready to serve as the camera is able to create and share images and video captured stunning. Equipped with an option WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter, users are spoiled for sharing with a variety of smart devices through social networking by utilizing WiFi. In addition users can also use smart devices as a remote Live View monitor and can also be used as a remote shutter release. 

Not only that, there are still interesting features that can be utilized by the user to realize the power of creativity to the fullest. With 13 In-Camera Effects and 4 additional modes new effects including the Photo Illustration, Super Vivid and Pop. The fourth mode is the effect of the new additions for the first use and D3300 is the first camera to enjoy the feature. 

Equipped also with a Guide mode that has been enhanced to facilitate new users in learning and exploring the right way to guide in making pictures and video. Guide mode is displayed not only provide the basic functions of the camera, but at the same time helping the user in increasing knowledge of how to use the camera to produce images with maximum quality and beauty, so for a novice photographer will be easier and faster to switch to a more advanced level. 

HD-SLR camera Nikon D3300 is a good choice for novice photographers who want to learn to become a professional photographer. With the Guide Mode that provides a basic explanation and knowledge that is easy to learn to speed up the process for photographers to a higher level. The camera is expected telad on the market in early February 2014.