Camera Reviev: Nikon D4s Nikon this one was remarkable, extraordinary Same with goods that will be owned by the lovers brought this photographer. After two years since the release of the Nikon camera that has no doubt that the ability to snap stapled Nikon D4, Nikon finally decided to give a fillip to the first-class camera. Then came a new generation of camera was on this board with the name of the overall D4S Nikon that does not seem much different from its predecessor the camera, both of the body and the shape of its size, but the major changes that can not be denied is the fact that the D4S has been wrapped with a body made from magnesium alloy. Nikon prices are quite expensive D4S will be proportional to the ability of the user can get from a full frame camera this sophisticated. 
Nikon D4

Another big change and simultaneously differentiate into D4S with D4 is the use of the processor where the new camera has to use the standard 4 EXPEED processor, while the ISO range topping out up to 409 600, the group features the AF area, as well as a burst of speed to be faster. Reduction in time to make the transition blackout when shooting time-lapse becomes more refined, the quality of video recording has also improved up to 1080 / 60p. 

Some features are added but very interesting is the use EXPEED processor 4 gives a big hand in a variety of changes and great benefit to the camera is the latest generation of D4. One of the most striking is the presence of 4 EXPEED processor make ISO range becomes wider. Processing system also get the same benefits with increased burst rate up to 11 fps (with AF). If we talk about speed, mirrors that of the D4S has a shorter distance, thereby reducing the viewfinder blackout time. 

small changes are also important to mention is about the ability of the camera to use auto ISO while in manual exposure mode. Hereby kemungkainan to the user to select the shutter speed and aperture settings and let the camera work to decide how the amount of the required ISO. 

This cool camera battery EN-EL18a that a new battery with maximum power. With the battery allows users to generate 3020 images in a single charge (according to CIPA standards., But for users who have EL-EL18 battery can also be used in this sophisticated camera. 

Slightly above review is a bit much change there is in the D4S as the next generation camera for Nikon D4. For the price of these cameras in Indonesia still can not we show however that the news circulated that the camera will begin to circulate starting in March 2014, while the price offered at Rp. 62.9 million (Kit).