The best Software for Post processing (Photo editor)

The best Software for Post processing (Photo editor) Post process editing process is the one of some important parts of photography. Capturing a good photo sometimes does not give a perfect image.  Photo editor soft is the last solution of our not perfect photo. Those software will help us to repair composition, Contrast, Saturation or deleting any annoying objects. There are many kind and types of photo editor objects. The quality is depend of Software prize, Its programmer and our CPU performance. 

Some photographer only know two or three photo editor program. The top Three program may Photoshop, Lightroom and silver efex pro. actually there are more then just three software. Some of photo editor built for easy and simple editing such ACDSee or Complete photo generator such Coral Draw. In this article I will try to share some of Photo editor software and i will try to give any comment base on my experience when I use those software. Some of software that I ever use is a trial version. I have no much money to buy them all. 

Photoshop,- Photoshop series have been providing photo editor since 1990. This is the most famous photo editor software. It not only famous but also expensive. you have to spent around 600 USD for use full version of last edition of this program (Photoshop CS6). This most complete software tools, you do everything with this software, Cropping, Color Toning, Blurring and everything professional photo editor tools. Some of photographers just 20 % of Photoshop tool in post processing photo.  In the last version of Photoshop CS6, This program is too heavy for my computer when I use several tool such as Gaussian blur or HDR Photo. but overall this the best photo editor software. 
Photoshop Software

Lightroom,- Lightroom is in the second place. at the first time, this program especially design for RAW camera file and photo catalog software. today light have been improved by several tools that able to edit our photo. Stamp and heal also including in this software. Lightroom is cheaper than Photoshop. It is really recommended for anyone who wanna just do a medium retouch for their photo with a lower cost relatively to Photoshop.
Ligthroom Software

Apple Aperture,- Designed for MAC operating system, it look like lightroom but have a special feature such MAC color. A think the screen color to show a photo is MAC.

ACDSee Photo editor.- This the first software that I use to edit photo when I was Junior high school. At that time, Photoshop prestige really famous in my District event in my country. t is the best photo preview with a several tool. It also have some editing tool such as cropping, Saturation Editor, Contrast Editor, Healing and Resizing tools. It is sold around 90 % cheaper that the first photo editor.

Photoshop Elements 11,- This also product of Photoshop TM, Some of feature and tools are not including in this version. it also reduce the prize of this software. I recommended a beginner photographer such as me to buy this software than Photoshop software. We will save a lot of money.

Corel PaintShop Pro X5, Looks like photo shop for performance, feature and graphics. it also able to act vector tools. It is more like a drawing software then photo editor, but we just spent around 50 USD for buying this software.
Photo Editor Software

GIMP Editor,- GIMP is open source software such as Linux. GIMP also ready for windows, Mac and Linux Operating System. Do not worry about performance. this software able to act some tool such as filter, Layer, Brush, Color Correction. Resize, cropping and more tools are in here. 
GIMP Free software

Pixl Editor,- Free software, we do not need to buy this one. we just need to plug flash on our browser software and use it online. Just try and give some comment about this software.