Yosuke Cendra in Dark Photography

Yosuke Cendra in Dark Photography

Dzargonphoto. This was my photo with Last Symphony concept. This concept talk about a girl in sadness who is never forget her memories of hurted. The women present her last symphony for telling people around her about something that they may do not understand. She plays her violin in rhythm of sadness and hypnotizes all of audiences to the dark sleep to join dan to trap them in her last symphony forever.

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Hear my Song

Do You think you can run?
Sample sad concept of black and white photography
Just a memory

Photo art winner
My Last Symphony

Black and white Phography
I beat you down

Black dress model idea
I Beat you Down II

This photo also remains about every soul must has empty room that able to take by others. Good mood of Yosuke Chandra has made the photo concept into real image. She act outstanding achievement in this photo. Special thanks I present to Lensa Manual Makassar Community (Lemak) for facilitated this photo session and the mentor Chairul Umam.