Crop Factor Camera vs Full frame camera.

A bit of Introduction Long time ago, before digital camera age leading photography world, Single Lens Reflector camera only known one size of film: 24 mm x 36 mm. Today, Film has been replaced by a thin censore on digital camera body.  In the early time of digital camera era, producing 35 mm digital censore need a much and much money. The first digital with 35 mm censor only Canon 1Ds.
Camera industry not only targeting rich person as marketing target but also they want to make DSLR enjoyed by anyone who loves photography. The idea how to produce a smaller censor as as we know, Small censor is cheaper than the big one. APSC coming become a good solution with a crop factor censor size. Finally, camera factor censor has been leading camera market since that time. You may find those all on your DSLR, Pocket camera, Hand-phone camera or your Tablet.

The question remains, what is the different between them?

Size Introduction.
If you buy a corp factor camera such as APSC camera with 1,5 camera crop faktor. What does it mean? I simply explain it by when you are using a 75 mm lens on 1,5  camera crop factor, this lens will shown 50 mm lens on full frame camera. It just comes from 75 / 1.5 = 50 mm. This mean 75 mm lens in full frame camera produces wider view than APSC camera. 

I find a problem:
I have a friend with canon 5 mark II + 17-40 mm and we are going to take a landscape photo. He set lens focal at the minimum focal length 17 mm. The mosy unlucky things is my camera. I just have APSC camera such as canon 1000 D, How poor I am. My question: How could my photo have a similar to my friend photo ? Mathematic class start here: 17 mm / 1.5 = 11,33 mm, it means you need a lens with focal length 11 mm or 12 mm. Cast: solved

Little bit idiot question:
A week after we took landscape photo, we are going to take bird picture or birding. I fill lucky because I have 100 mm – 400 mm lens camera. (I swear it, he is the most stupid person who able to buy 100 mm – 400 mm but he can not buy a full frame camera). Who long the length of his lens that my friend should bring? While giving a question, he show me the mathematics rule of crop factor.

My friend focal minimum length lens 400 mm x 1.5 = 600 mm focal length. Is it correct mathematics process? I loudly say to may friend you just need to bring what I bring. The different factor is not on focal length problem, but the problem is the wide of camera censor that record your photo. APSC not record in real longer focal length but APSC camera record a picture in smaller area.

The most simple different is size but actually when you try to use both of them you will find more then just a size. One of my friend ask to me, If I able to buy a super wide lens with lower cost than buy a Full frame series, why we need to consider about full frame camera? 

Because bigger censor is better than APSC censor. Full frame censor has a more ability to take wide angel than a full frame. It difference highly shown when we are going to take close image with a wide far background. APSC camera will lose some object on full frame camera censor.

Full frame Camera Advantages:
Produce more photo details than APSC Camera
Larger viewfinder than APSC Camera
Produce sharper image than APSC
Produce a wider image than APSC camera.

List of  Full Frame disadvantages
More expensive then APSC Camera
Has More Weight than APSC Camera
Produce a vignette image when use wide lens

Censor Frame  Size
Full frame size 35 mm (36 mm x 24 mm)
1,3 x Crop factor APS-H (28,7 mm x 19 mm)
1,5 x Crop factor APS-C (23,6 mm x 15,7 mm)
1,6 x crop factor APS-Cs ( 22,2 mm x 14,8 mm)
Four Third (17,3 mm x 13 mm ) 

List of Full Camera brand
Kodak DSC Pro 14n
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n
Canon EOS 1 Ds 
Canon EOS 5 D
Canon EOS 6 D
Nikon D3
Nikon D4
Nikon D600
Nikon D700
Nikon D800
Sony alfa 7 fullframe series
Sony alfa SLT—A99
Is there another frame size of camera?  Yes, There are medium format with square censor type. This camera has a wider censor.