Color Waterscape in South Sulawesi

ahmadzargon. after posted waterfall in black and white article, Today there are a number of water-scape photo in my hard-disk that i want to share. all of this picture took at south Sulawesi province and i took it by my self. some of those photo are selfish photo which was helped by tripod. 

These photo was taken with long exposure and slow speed photography and really love to take a photo with this genre.
Massage in the bottle
at Akkarena, Makassar

River and Forrest
at Malino, Gowa

Ice Flow
at Malino, Gowa

Liquid Ice
at Malino, Gowa

where am I?
at Punaga Beach, Takalar

at Parang Loe, Gowa

He was here
Punaga Beach, Takalar