Before and After Post Processing

Ahmadzargon. Do I have to edit (read: Post Processing) my photo before I post it? This is the most frequently question that I ever asked by someone outside there. Based on my argument, photography is media to show something beautiful. In conclusion, post processing is important especially to me. I never shoot a perfect photo, so I really need post processing to make sure my photo before I leave it to public. 

Some of my friend said to me, fresh photo (read: Photo without post processing photo) is better than edited photo. I said to them, it depend on how good you are to take a photo. Mattering, Composition, Color, and annoyance object are the main ideas why we need to edit our photo before leave it to public. Cropping, stamp, and curving is the easiest tools to do minimum retouching on your photo. you may use Photoshop, light room, or other software to edit your photo. tool is not important think, the most importing thing is the men behind the gun.

Here some of my picture before and after post processing:

Minimal editing, just for converting and increase photo contrast

Cropping and converting photo into black and withe square photo

Cropping and converting photo, in this photo, I remove some annoying object such us over exposure sky and I make sure the object to the bottle.