Simple Tips for Triangle Exposure In Photography Part I

Photography have a lot of genre such modeling, Landscape, Waterscape, long Exposure, Star Trail, Macro photography, Portrait and Street Photography, Sport Photography, levitation photography, Birding Photography and etc. To make it easy i will try to share some tips base on photography genre and just like my other article, it is just a tip not a magic.

1.      Modeling Photography.
Modeling photography main object is portrait of women, man or both of them. The models are not only beautiful or handsome but also have to know how to act and play their expression. In this explanation, I divide in several sub genre in modeling. Modelling photography is a teamwork between Photographer and Model.

Close Up or Face

Close up photography shoot at almost of face the model.
Aperture : 2.0 and 2,8 for isolated your Model with Background
ISO and ASA : Lowest ISO: 100 or 200
Shutter Speed : Slower Then 1/60
Lens: Close Up lens Such as 85 mm, 100 mm or Tele Lens
Addition and other tools: Flash, trigger, and soft box for additional light reduce shadow such as nose and eyes shadow

Medium Shoot and Half-size of Body.

Medium Shoot are photography that take the Model Object from from the Head down to the waist
Aperture : 2,8 and 4,0 For covering all of Model dimension.
ISO and ASA: 100 and 200, as low as possible
Shutter Speed : Slower than 1/60
Lens : 50 mm and 85 mm
Addition and other tools : Two Flash, trigger, light stand and Reflector and CPL for outdoor shooting.

Long Shoot and Extreme long Shoot

Long Shoot and Extreme Long shoot are photography genre which are take the object in almost body for long shoot and take some background just like a tree or any other object around the model.
Aperture : 4 and 5,6 for Long Shoot and 8 and 11 for Extreme long shoot.
ISO and ASA : 100 and 200 or lower
Shutter Speed : 1/60 or higher for long shoot and 1/200 for Extreme Long Shoot, it is for taking Sky exposure.
Lens : Wide lens, 35 mm or 24 mm
Addition and other tools : Flash, Reflector, Light-stand, ND-8 and Cpl

2.      Landscape and water scape

Landscape and waterscape genre are taking what the nature give to us. Different with modeling, photographer can not commend it object in these genre. You can not moves the object such as a mountain or water fall except your a superman or ironman and I swear iron is not a photographer. Taking long field of DOP and Horizon is the main idea of landscape meanwhile Waterscape main idea need slow speed shutter time.
Aperture : 8,0 or smallest aperture
ISO and ASA : 100
Shutter Speed : 1/8 second or lower
Lens : wide lens such as 24 mm or wider
Addition and other tools : Tripod, ND-8 Filter, GND and Cable Shutter release.

3.      Long Exposure

Long Exposure photography is one types photography genre which use a long time shutter time exposure. It is sometimes more than 30 second
Aperture : 8,0 or smaller
ISO and ASA : 100
Shutter Speed : 30 second or longer
Lens : 24 mm or wider

Addition and other tools: ND-32 or Higher stop, GND Filter, Medium wight Tripod and Cable Shutter Release.