How to Make Soft and Vintage (Retro Tone) in Photoshop

Ahmadzargon. DSLR camera is camera with high contrast image product. Range of Red, Green and Color has longer gradation than classics or analog photo. Classics photo sometime fill with soft yellow or blue color tone. Those two color are favorite color for modeling photography and those two tone make your photo moody. I this articles i try to share how to make vintage fill on your photo by use Photoshop cs5.
Before and After Adjusting
1. Open Photoshop cs5 application and open your image. i suggest to use outdoor photo with a rich color types so it will easy to fill the different between your photo and new photo.

2. Make sure all of contrast before by choosing auto contrast on Photoshop contrast or by use white balance layer and fill.

3. After all of contrast normal base on Photoshop, Make a new contrast fill and layer

4. Adjust the contrast manually base on Green, Blue and red color differently between each other.
5. Adjust it by following this suggestion, you may adjust by your own style. This adjustment use to make the color gradation shorter the first image.

6. Adjust the vibration fill layer by reducing vibration in to minus point and increase the saturation. this use to reduce the contrast but has a different fill

7. After those step, there are color ambiance such more blue, more red or etc, you may make sure the color by use white balance color.

8. Look to your image, if you think your image to dark, increase the brightness with Brightness and contrast layer. Adjust it until you get the good brightness.

9. Filling the yellow fill, click layer >> new fill layer then choose yellow color and exclusion type layer to your image. reduce the opacity and fill on the right side of new layer tab menu.

Use your own sense the regulate all off the adjustment is the best ideas. 
All of the adjustment will influenced by your photo and may need different adjustment.

for more question and correction please some comment. many thanks.