Canon EOS 7D Review

Ahmadzargon. Canon EOS 7D is the one of latest edition of Canon EOS series and launched on April, 2013. Capturing image with 18 megapixel both JPG and RAW type CS2, Canon 7D is embedded with CMOS censor equal with APS-C censor 22,3 mm x 14,9 mm and 3: aspect ration on Image is enough for professional photographer. In brush mode, Canon EOS 7D is able to capturing 8 Frame per secon with Canon Digit V processor. This camera is able to record a video with FULL HD resolution 1920 x 1080 with maximum speed recording at 30 frame per second. Market bandoleer of Canon 7D in Indonesia is about $120 for body only. Canon EOS 7D has 19 point AF system Blade with expended ISO value to 12800 which help you to capture in low light condition. It is equiped by built in wireless remote control and 3 inc Wide of TFT LCD View without touchscreen function. Covered by alloy of Magnesium and available in black color only strengthen this body with water resistant. It make you more experience and portable to bring in almost nature condition.

Canon EOS 7D Specipication

Dimension                  : 14,82 cm x 11, 07 cm x 7,86 cm
Weight                       : 2 kg
Color Available          : Black
LCD                          : 3.0”
LCD Resolution         : 920.000 pixels
Built In Feature          : HD recording, Image Stabilization, Flash, Wireless Control
Video                        : 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Image                        : 5184 x 3456 Large Format, JPG and RAW Type
Input                          : USB
Output                       : Component Video, Composite Video, USB, HDMI
Censor                      : 22,3 mm x 14,9 mm (non Full-Frame)
ISO Range                : 100 – 12800
Range Shutte Speed  : 30 second – 1/8000 second, Bulb mode.
Memory Card           : SD, SDHC, SDXC