15 Simple Tips for ISO Value Determining

ahmadzargon. Digital time makes everything almost easier than ever to shoot a photo. Before auto ISO unit discovered in digital camera, Photographer should thinks carefully to choose ASA in analog film. In analog film, once you choose a film, you have to use them all before you change film. They (photographer) are have to consider about the place, light condition, and lighting instrument to choose film ASA value. Why?

Thin film in analog camera has high sensitivity to light. when thin film ASA 100 record a photo, The thin film only need time about 1/1000 on day with wide open aperture. When you open the chamber of film in back side of your analog photo, all of film remain could not use anymore.

Today, we do not need to think about ISO in term of film using. Digital camera give us a comfortable ISO arrangement facility. We are able to change it value any time when we need to change it. The most great performance of your camera is: Your camera able to calculate automatically what  your photo need based on light intensity. 

Do I really do nor worry about the ISO?
No, You remains have to consider about ISO usage. Some photographer and I believe a machine have not sense of art. A machine only calculate base on programmer set. Art need a sense, it is human sens. In this article I will try to share about ISO determining. 

  1. DSLR camera and Mirrorless camera have been equipped auto ISO determining, it means ISO value will calculate by your camera
  2. Auto ISO is useful to use at outdoor and useless to use in indoor
  3. Low ISO value represent low light sensitivity
  4. High ISO value produce more grain and noisy
  5. Do not afraid to use high ISO, Grain is artistic in term and condition
  6. Lightmeter application does not work on ISO, but it use to calculate Aperture
  7. Landscape photography is more details and better if you use ISO 100 or less.
  8. Low ISO setting in landscape photography needs tripod
  9. ISO 200 is useful to use in cloudy condition
  10. ISO 400 is a popular ISO setting in Sport photography and it sometime use telescope lens with small aperture.
  11. ISO 800 and 1600 are a popular ISO setting in Birding photography
  12. Different camera produces different grain even though you set in some ISO
  13. High end camera such as Canon IDs, Nicon DX3 produce a little grain even though you set the ISO in high value such 1600, it is really different with lower class camera such Canon 1100D or Nikon D3100
  14. Analog camera is ASA priority calculation
  15. Recognize your own camera, try to look for the highest ISO with a lowest Grain setting on your camera
  16. Guys do not calculate like a professor, it is a photography, it is an art not a math.