Tips for Making Black and White Photo

Ahmadzargon. Black and white Photography shows casual picture which is classic, moody, elegant, historic, and sometimes has mystics sens. Even though black and white photography just show monocolor low-key for dominant black and high-key for dominant white but black and white photography always has a different interpretation between full color photo. In this article, i will try share some tips for make a good black and white photography.

1. Pattern
Line, polcadot, circle, Horizon line and other pattern are the power Black and white photo. Repetition pattern estrange the photo. Understanding the pattern help you ta make a good photo. Try to take a photo of  a row oh fences, stone, Parking vehicles and etc. Do not take a complicated picture with full with random patern.
Bamboo's Repetition Pattern

2. Composition
Working on black and white, we need to make sure our sens about composition. Full-color photo is able to show the different between different blue and orange color gradation in the sky but what about monochrome photo? In monocolor photo everything are in black, grey or white. Different color at same bright and contrast level will make no different if we convert it black and white. Here is the tips: Simple object is good object. Make the main object as simple as possible. This is will make the audience concentrate to one object.

3. Low ISO
Taking the photo in Low ISO, high ISO photo produce much grain. In procces of converting the photo from full-color photo to Black and white photo leaves a lot of annoying dot. Too much dot disturb and cut some of photo details. If you wan to make a grainy photo such as in analog film photography, i suggest to use a software effect to make it. except you take the picture with analog camera.

4. RAW File
Taking the Black and white Photo directly from your camera setting sometimes limits our creativity in post processing photo. RAW file gives a high range and quality of color on you photo. In the process of converting photo, a rich color range means a high possibility color to converted. So take your photo in color mode and convert it black and white photo by using software.

5. ND and CPL Filter using
ND and CPL filter are priority  item for landscape photography even for model photography. Those item are able to reduce over exposure and increase photo contrast. In addition effect, those item are able to remove some glowing on leafs and water surface which able to make the photo over exposure in small point but fully exist on your photo.

6. Fog, cloudy and Mist
Have you ever hear about Hengky Koentjoro? The world call him Monochrome man. He is a great black and white photographer with nature and landscape genre. If you ever saw his photo, almost of his photo always took in mist and fogy condition. Fog and mist photo make your photo becoming moody. Those tings make the a layer the in your photo.
Taken by : Ahmad Dahlan

7. Learning from other Photography
This is the last tips. Learning monochrome photo from the other photographer increase you Black and white sens faster then learning any theory of photo. At the first time writing article in this blog, i have written “photography is not a math”

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