The best object for Long Exposure Photography.

The best object for Long Exposure Photography.

Dzargonphoto. Taking a picture with long exposure photography techniques has a different sensation with taking normal landscape photo. Different tips and tricks may applied in this genre photography. long exposure time shooting process record everything in front of the camera as long the camera rendering a photo. Any movement of object in front of camera such as cloud, water, car and human are recorded into the photo. the question remains is: what is the best object for Long Exposure Photography?

Object motion on the image makes the image becomes blurry, so we have to understand how to choose stationary object and moving object. Stationary objects is everything that stay frozen such as mountains, buildings, beaches, waterfalls, big rocks or other large objects. The next object is moving objects that moves around the stationary objects such as clouds, water, vehicles, or star. These are the most important part for long exposure photography. Moving object fill some mood to your photo.

In this article I will share some object which is good to be a main object of long exposure photography.

1. Building or Architectural Object
Building or Architectural Object such as Old Building, Down Bridge, Architectural house are great object especially for black and white photo. We know the power of black and white photo is line. Those object existence may be found anywhere. We live in the jungle of high building. We just need to put our camera in the lowest position of a high building, set a filter and shoot them all in long exposure and do not forget the fill it with moving object like a cloud.
Architectural Black and white Photo
Tittle : Bank Indonesia old Fashion
Shutter Speed : 241 second
Aperture : f/16
ISO : 100 

2. Waterfall
Motion of falling water on the water fall will be a great object to shoot. Different between shoot at building, taking a water fall photo just need slow speed exposure time. Slow speed exposure time is enough to show the beautiful side of this object. Setting the shutter speed around 1/4 second until 4 second is the best way. Shoot this object in long time exposure is a bad idea, every thing will be flat white on your photo.

Taking slow speed photo in slow speed sometimes does not need ND filter and tripod. If have a good holding camera skill taking picture without tripod sometimes work at ¼ second until ½ second. To reduce the light intensity just need to reduce ISO to the lowest value and the aperture to the higher value such f/22 or f/32.

Waterfall beautiful photo
Title : Parang Loe's  Water Fall
Shutter Speed :0.6 second
Aperture : f/22
ISO : 100 

3. Artistic artificial Object
Getting boring with a huge object, you may change it with smaller object. Artificial object such as umbrella, bottle, chair or every artistic think is a good choice when the nature could not give us any choice. Sometimes we life in place that has no beautiful landscape view but we want to take a long exposure picture. This object may become a good alternative. We just need a little inspiration and creativity to match the object to the view. Some of photographer sometime make an artificial waterfall in small size but adding a brilliant imagination which make the picture look better than the real one. As the notification, photography is a sense not a math, so not only just count it but also fill it.

Long exposure black and white photo
Title : Clear in a part
Shutter Speed : 20 second
Aperture : f/22
ISO : 100