Long Exposure Photography

Long Exposure Photography

Dark Photography. Long Exposure Photography is a technique in photography which use a long duration Shutter-Speed to record a photo. Actually, the first photo which has made is long exposure photography. The photo take eight hours exposure time which was taken by the first photographer in the world 1873. He was L.J Mande Dequerre whoa was shoot with Obscure camera.

In Modern age of photography, Camera ability to record a photo is really fantastic. All of modern camera almost able to take a photo in 1/4000 or faster with a high ISO performance (Read more about: ISO). The minimum exposure setting when I take a landscape picture is around 1/30 until 1/60, even i sett may camera at lowest ISO (ISO 100) and smallest aperture setting.

So, what is Long Exposure Photography? 
Long exposure photography means shoot a photo with long exposure time. The exposure time may around 30 second or longer. Modern camera could not perform this genre naturally without any additional accessories such as Filter that able to reduce the amount of light, Shutter release and tripod.

The reason.
There are a lot of reason why nature (Landscaper, Waterscape or anything produce by nature and Building) photographer remain shoot with long exposure time. Base on my argument, Long exposure photography produce beautiful photo that sometimes can not be imaging before we see the photo result. The idea of Long exposure photography is how to record nature moving object such water, cloud, star or even moving car and walking people into a photo. It is really fantastic to see a moving image such as cloud covering a stationery object (see: Long Exposure Photo Sample). The other object that we can not imaging is Flat water. Shoot with long exposure time make a choppy water in sea becoming flat. It looks like a frozen sea.

Long Exposure Photography

Picture Data:
Title : Just a line
Shutter Speed : 78 Second
Aperture : f/8
ISO : 100

The other function of Long Exposure photography is taking picture with very low light source such as on night or twilight. Taking picture in night with high 800 ISO or more produce a noisy picture but help us shoot with high speed exposure time. Keeping the ISO low make a long shutter speed but produce a clear picture with less noisy on image. So, two of those are the choice.

What we gonna shoot on night? The most popular night shooting is star-trail. Star-trail picture shows the path of stars on the night sky. simple tips for star-trail is trying to look at North Stars. It has static point in the sky and it is a good  point to become a center of your stars path. The other theme for shooting at night is Galaxy. We just need to know the position of milky way galaxy in the sky by using Google sky application. This galaxy having a position respect to earth depend on the date.